Corsair M65 Pro vs. M65 – Which Gaming Mouse Should You Pick?

corsair m65 pro vs m65

Corsair M65 Pro vs. M65 – Which Gaming Mouse Should You Pick?

If you are familiar with the kind of quality which Corsair provides, it’s natural to want to compare Corsair M65 Pro vs. M65. Some would say that the two gaming mice are quite similar, but I have to say that they have considerable differences which you also have to take into account when making a decision. Check out my comparative review to make up your mind.

Design and Construction

Both gaming mice have a frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum. This frame makes them very strong and durable, while keeping their weight low. I like the arched design and I think it offers good ergonomics even for someone with a palm grip like me. I love the side grip and the fact that your thumbs don’t have to touch the surface. This gives you a better grip and faster speed. Before I go on, I should point out that there are practically no differences in the designs of the two models, so based on this factor, there is actually no winner in the battle of Corsair M65 Pro vs. M65.

Sensitivity and Accuracy Levels

This is the category with major differences between the two models. M65 Pro has a 12,000 DPI PMW3360 optical sensor, which is highly sophisticated, while the basic version has an optical sensor with 8,200 DPI. What does this mean for the gamer in the contexts of the Corsair M65 Pro vs. M65 comparison and in general?

The Pro version is considerably more sensitive compared to its counterpart, so you will enjoy higher accuracy with less effort. This is what true pros would like. If you are not particularly confident in your skills and tend to make errors, the higher sensitivity might not be your best friend. With that being said, you can adjust the DPI of the Pro version for maximum flexibility during gameplay. This is a huge advantage to have and something worth considering when weighing the benefits of Corsair M65 Pro vs. M65.

What Can You Customize?

You can customize the weight of both gaming mice to determine the optimal center of gravity for you, given your unique gaming style. I had a lot of fun tweaking it and I think that it is quite beneficial. You can really improve your performance. With both models, you can program the 8 buttons at your disposal. This is pretty much standard, but it can really enhance your gameplay. You can also customize the lighting of both models which is very nice.

Performance Comparison

Both models have glide pads which allow the mouse to move rapidly on the pad or on any other surface. I also like the Omron switches which have great capacity. They are very durable, so you should not worry if things get a bit rough while you are playing.

I have to admit that I like the sniper button which both gaming mice have very much. It has the perfect size, design and place. You get to push it with your thumb, so it feels very natural to shoot. If you like FSP games, you could be happy with either of the versions. Still, when it comes to Corsair M65 Pro vs. M65, you have to keep in mind the greater sensitivity of the former.

Final Thoughts

What’s the verdict of this review comparing Corsair M65 Pro vs. M65? Both gaming mice have sturdy ergonomic design and a diverse range of customization options, but there are differences in performance. To make a decision, check out more details and reviews on Amazon.

Corsair M65 Pro vs. M65

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