Logitech G900 vs. Razer Mamba – Detailed Comparative Review

logitech g900 vs razer mamba

Logitech G900 vs. Razer Mamba – Detailed Comparative Review

I love gaming and know how important equipment is for performance. That is why I spend a large portion of my salary on peripherals. At one point, I ended up in need of a new gaming mouse and inevitably had to compare Logitech G900 vs. Razer Mamba based on their construction and performance. Read my detailed and objective comparative review to decide which could be the better option for you.

Design Features and Ergonomics

Logitech G900 has ambidextrous design, meaning it’s suitable for both right-handed and left-handed gamers. Based on what I’ve seen, I can tell you that it feels great in both cases. I personally find this mouse to have great ergonomics. I just wish it were bigger given my palm style use and the fact that I have big hands. I find Razer Mamba exceptionally comfortable to hold. It just fits in my palm perfectly. I appreciate the minimalism too. I don’t think there is a clear winner in this round of the comparison of Logitech G900 vs. Razer Mamba, but I think the latter’s slightly better.

Accuracy and Sensitivity

Razer Mamba is famous for its laser sensor with 16,000 DPI and its 1 DPI increment tracking. It gives you incredible precision, no matter whether you are playing an FPS game or your favorite MMO. Needless to say, the mouse is extra sensitive, so it doesn’t tolerate mistakes.

G900, on the other hand, has the PMW3366 optical sensor which many experts consider to be the best made to date. With this mouse, you get adjustable DPI in the range from 200 to 12,000. This is a huge advantage, in my opinion, as it enables you to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse to your requirements and skill level, depending on the type of game which you are playing. When comparing Logitech G900 vs. Razer Mamba based on accuracy and speed, I personally prefer G900 because of the flexibility it gives you.

Customization Options

G900 works with the free Logitech Gaming Software which gives you an incredibly high level of customization. You can customize the layout of the physical buttons to your liking and adjust the colors and brightness plus the breathing light patterns for the most exciting gaming experience every time.

Razer Mamba comes with the Adjustable Click Force technology which enables you to adjust the Hyperesponse buttons to give you the feedback that you prefer. This is important in intense battles, especially when you have to use multiple weapons with the highest level of precision. In this comparison of Logitech G900 vs. Razer Mamba, I have to point out that while G900 doesn’t have this kind of functionality, its Pivot button stands out with its click performance which is crisp, incredibly fast and completely consistent.

Connectivity and Battery Life

Both mice give you wired and wireless connectivity options and response rate of 1 millisecond and this is something worth highlighting in the comparison of Logitech G900 vs. Razer Mamba. You can expect excellent responsiveness, provided that your connection is on par with the mouse you’ve chosen. G900 has utterly impressive battery life, however, thanks to its Clock Tuning Technology. You can play for up to 32 hours before the battery needs recharging. The battery life of Razer Mamba is more modest – 20 hours.

The Verdict

When it comes to the winner of Logitech G900 vs. Razer Mamba, I’d say that both have their advantages. It’s best to consider your personal preferences to make up your mind. For more information and reviews, check out Amazon.

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