Ouroboros vs. G900 – Detailed Comparison for Making the Best Choice

ouroboros vs g900

Ouroboros vs. G900 – Detailed Comparison for Making the Best Choice

At first sight, Razer Ouroboros and Logitech G900 appear quite similar, but looks can be deceiving. If you are contemplating between these two gaming mice from leading brands, you’ve come to the right place. Read my comparative review of Ouroboros vs. G900 to decide which one is better for you. As a gamer with considerable experience, I can tell you that they are quite different, despite the common misconception.

Comfortable Design?

Both mice have what is known as ambidextrous design. This design makes it possible to customize the mouse so that it suits you perfectly, no matter whether you are right-handed or left-handed. Ouroboros has nice arched palm rest and excellent side panels, which I like very much because they provide support and prevent you from losing grip when your palm gets sweaty.

I like the palm rest of G900 very much too. It is slimmer compared to its competitor and this is something worth highlighting. This mouse has a mechanical pivot button design which contributes greatly to your speed during gameplay.

Overall, both mice are a bit flatter than what I’d prefer, but I think that they are perfect for people with a fingertip grip and I believe most gamers belong to this category. For me, there is no clear winner in this round of the battle of Ouroboros vs. G900.

Sensitivity and Precision

Razer Ouroboros boasts of a 4G laser sensor which gives you amazing precision. You can adjust the tracking, cut-off to lift-off, so that you get the best possible gameplay, depending on your setting. With 8,200 DPI, it’s safe to say that this gaming mouse is quite sensitive. What I like the most is the clutch trigger for adjusting the DPI during gameplay. You can hold it down to get the ideal DPI for any kind of situation in the game. This feature is ideal for FPS games.

Logitech G900 boasts of perhaps the most sophisticated optical sensor of all models right now and this is something which I feel obliged to mention in my review comparing Ouroboros vs. G900. You can select from a DPI range of 2,000 to 12,000. You get to choose the level of accuracy and sensitivity that you require. I suggest that you do this based not only on the game that you play, but on your skill level too.

Customization Options

With Ouroboros, you can customize the design and tracking, as I’ve already mentioned. There is also an option for calibration based on the type of surface which you are gliding the mouse on. With G900, there are more options available. In addition to making the design suitable for your grip, you can create macros for 11 buttons and adjust the lighting brightness and color of the mouse. The choice of colors is virtually endless. I personally don’t want to take sides in this comparison between Ouroboros vs. G900 based on customization options, so I will leave the conclusion to you. You may also want to consider my comparison of Rog Spatha vs. G900 to get a better idea of your options.

Wireless Performance and Battery Life

Unsurprisingly, both gaming mice have wireless connectivity. They both have 1ms response rate which means that your action with the mouse will be translated into the game straight away without any kind of delay. When it comes to battery life in wireless mode, you get 32 hours with G900 which is awesome. Ouroboros has a rechargeable NiMH battery which can last for 12 hours, but you can just swap it with a disposable AA battery to continue playing.

The Verdict

You can pick from Ouroboros vs. G900 based on your personal requirements and budget. Both are reliable performers. Check out more details and reviews on Amazon.

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