Rival 700 vs. Deathadder – Choosing Between the Two Gaming Mice Made Easier

rival 700 vs deathadder

Rival 700 vs. Deathadder – Choosing Between the Two Gaming Mice Made Easier

When I’m buying a gaming mouse, I not only research the models which I’m interested in, but compare them meticulously. This is important because there are various great options out there and it’s often hard to pinpoint the differences. Here I will compare Rival 700 vs. Deathadder – two of the most popular wired gaming mice right now, based on my gaming experience.

Design, Shape and Ergonomics

Rival 700 is a compact mouse with a nice curved shape. I like its ergonomics, with the most impressive feature, in my opinion, being the curved section for the thumb. Its surface is textured to prevent slipping, which gives you better grip when playing. Deathadder had a bigger arch and this makes it more comfortable for gamers who have a palm grip like me. It has great ergonomics, but I wish my thumb would get better support. I love the scroll wheel of this mouse – it’s big and excellently textured. While the comparison of Rival 700 vs. Deathadder based on ergonomics cannot produce a winner, I have to say that both models are designed for right-handed people.

Sensor and DPI

As you certainly know, these are the two major factors which make or break a gaming mouse. Rival 700 is equipped with a Pixart 3360 optical sensor, while Deathadder has an optical sensor with resolution accuracy of 99.4%, according to tests ran by the manufacturer. When it comes to tracking, Rival 700 has 300 IPS, while its rival boasts with 450 IPS.

Both models have the same DPI of 16,000 and give you the option to adjust it, which is a great benefit. This means that both devices are incredibly sensitive, unlike many of their more advanced rivals. If you are a seasoned gamer, you will appreciate this, but if you are a novice, a higher DPI can make your errors worse, so you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to adjust the sensitivity. I wanted to highlight this in my comparison of Rival 700 vs. Deathadder.

Customization Level Comparison

One factor which makes Rival 700 stand out is the production of tactile alerts during gameplay. They have a great immersing effect and can help you improve your performance considerably. You can customize the events that trigger these alerts plus the vibration that you will feel and its duration. With Deathadder, you can customize the lighting colors and program the seven Hyperesponse buttons independently of one another. I think that when it comes to Rival 700 vs. Deathadder based on customization, the two models are roughly on par with the latter having a small lead.

Overall Performance Evaluation

You can expect great accuracy and speed from both gaming mice. I appreciate the fact that Rival 700 has a small OLED screen which shows your stats in real time. They are quite useful at times. I also like the fact that you can switch between two cables of two different lengths. I’m a huge fan of Deathadder’s mechanical mouse switches as they allow for a lightning quick response and are quite reliable and durable too. With all this being said, you have to keep in mind that the presence of the cable poses some limitations, especially if you aren’t among the most skilled gamers. When comparing wireless models like Logitech G900 vs. Razer Mamba, you don’t have to consider this factor.


Overall, when it comes to Rival 700 vs. Deathadder, I have to say that they are great performers, but vary considerably in terms of features, so your preferences matter a lot. Visit Amazon for more information and reviews.

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