Rog Spatha vs. G900 – Which Is the Right Gaming Mouse for You?

rog spatha vs g900

Rog Spatha vs. G900

Rog Spatha vs. G900 – Which Is the Right Gaming Mouse for You?

Many friends have asked me to compare Rog Spatha vs. G900, given that these two models are viewed as some of the best gaming mice right now. Even though I have solid gaming experience, this is a bit challenging, given how impressive these two devices are. Still, I’ll give it a try. Here we go.

Design and Make

I’m not going to hide that I love the design of Rog Spatha. It fits my palm just perfectly thanks to its high smooth curve. The setting for the thumb is more than comfortable too. I never get tired when I use this mouse for gaming. Logitech G900 also has superb ergonomics, but it’s considerably flatter than its counterpart. Still, I find it comfy to use as well. In my opinion, this mouse is best suited for gamers who have a fingertip grip rather than a palm grip like me. I also have to point out that it has ambidextrous design, so it’s suitable for use with both the right hand and the left hand.

When it comes to comparing Rog Spatha vs. G900 based on make, I can confidently say that both are exceptionally durable and resistant to all kinds of damage. I also have to mention the magnesium alloy bottom plate of Rog Spatha here. It glides amazingly well on various types of surfaces, but I personally wouldn’t use it on just any one. Get a nice mouse pad for top performance.

Accuracy Evaluation

There is considerable difference between the maximum DPI of the two models which is worth highlighting in this Rog Spatha vs. G900 comparative review. With Rog Spatha, you get 8,200 DPI, while with G900, the top is 12,000 DPI. Still, both mice are incredibly accurate and highly sensitive. Rog Spatha, for instance, has 30g acceleration in wired mode so you can expect a high degree of precision. In this category, G900 stands out, however, because of its advanced optical sensors and the option for choosing your preferred DPI from 2,000 to 12,000. This is great because you can always have sensitivity matching your skill level and the type of game that you are playing.

Customizable Features

There are a lot of those so you should pay close attention to this part of the comparison of Rog Spatha vs. G900. With the first model, you will enjoy customization of three major zones: the side buttons, scroll wheel and the brand logo. You can program twelve buttons in line with your preferences. With the Rog Armoury software, you can create different profiles for the games that you play, with each having unique macros, lighting effects, and more importantly, button assignments. You can save up to 5 of these. I think that this is more than sufficient for the avid gamer.

With Logitech G900, you can also customize the physical buttons. The mouse has great software which enables you to program 11 buttons, all media controls and the lighting color, brightness and special effects. You can also adjust the DPI, as mentioned earlier. The two models are pretty much on the same level when it comes to customization, so there is no clear winner in this round of Rog Spatha vs. G900.

Wireless Connectivity and Battery Performance

Both mice are designed to work wirelessly as well as in wired mode and work exceptionally well. I’m particularly impressed with G900 and its 1-millisecond response rate. It has an awesome maximum battery life of 32 hours while Rog Spatha can last for around 10 hours.

Final Thoughts

Deciding on Rog Spatha vs. G900 is difficult, given how good both models are. Read more reviews and get extra information on Amazon.

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